5 foods that contain more sugar and are not telling you

In this post of “5 foods that contain more sugar and are not telling you” we want to disprove some of the hoaxes that run.

Since there are foods which, for example, we think of as salty and actually carry more sugar than we could ever imagine. And others of those we think are natural, but actually in the way we are presented lose all their essential content.

Currently, according to WHO the standard amount to be consumed by a person with a normal BMI is 25 grams daily, which is about 6 tablespoons. But in a country like Spain, the average amount per person consumed per day amounts to three times the recommended amount according to data reported by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation.

This is due, among other things, to several factors between which we can distinguish the union of two in particular. On the one hand, consumers’ disinterest in consulting the nutritional values of the foods they eat. In addition, the lack of clarity when it comes to showing them by companies in their packaging using camouflaged terms that are, after all, the same, sugar.

The 5 foods with the most sugar you didn’t expect

Below, in “5 foods that contain more sugar and are not telling you” we show the following foods that are frequently consumed and are available to us in supermarkets and shops.


Yes friends, delicious at the most prohibitive. Since we envisioned it as a salty food, we could never imagine that we are dealing with a sugar pump. But it is so, a single frozen pizza, which we can find without any problem in any supermarket, contains up to 20g of sugar. This equates to the recommended daily amount of sugar for one person.


Recommended by many dietitians, fruit is always much better to take as cut. This is because in the form of juice it loses the fiber which makes glucose not reach as fast to the blood and the pancreas is not forced to make an overexertion. It is therefore recommended to replace natural and industrial juices with whole fruit. With this we avoid sudden changes in glucose levels and therefore in our mood or physique among others.


Sushi conceived as a healthy food, which is made from natural, fresh and low-calorie ingredients. The amount of sugar provided by each piece of sushi consists of half a lump of sugar. The latter means that if in a single meal of the day we asked for a 6-piece serving, which for some would be up to little food, the sugar needs of the same day would be met. All of them telling you that you still have to add the other two or three meals of the day that remain. With what we reached at the end of the day again with a much greater contribution than necessary sugar in the body.

Bread pan

This food, to get to have the texture and properties that make it fluffy and soft goes through a type of rapid fermentation, which requires added sugars. All this in addition to the refined flours that have a great metabolic impact. Therefore, it is better to buy artisan breads with slower fermentation and natural yeasts.

Non-alcoholic beer

There are many of us who have contemplated the possibility and many others who have already passed to beer 0% alcohol with the intention of keeping a healthier pace. All this in vain, since these beers contain in the same way sugar in the amount of two to three lumps of sugar depending on the manufacturer. This makes it an ill-advised drink because it is true that the alcoholic content is lower, but as a healthy measure it is not at all.

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