5 fruits that diabetics should avoid

5 fruits that diabetics should avoid due to factors such as high amounts of sugar or worse nutritional assimilation… Are you diabetic or diabetic? At the moment when we are detected this problem of assimilation of insulin, certain changes in our day to day come with it. Being diabetic does not imply any kind of problem or risk if we know how to adapt small daily gestures to our daily routine.

Among the most significant changes we will be able to appreciate are the reduction and control of the intake of foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars. Within the food for diabetes, one of those that we can think of that have benefits for the organism, but that really are detrimental to our organism, are the fruits and derivatives.

Therefore an excess sugars in this type of food can significantly alter blood glucose levels. That’s why knowing which fruits are bad for diabetics will help you with your choice. This is why we create a 5 fruits that diabetics should avoid to help you with the election. From QUO Health we show you in the following article a series of fruits that every diabetic should avoid. Reducing the consumption of these fruits will help us to have perfect blood sugar indices.

What kind of fruits are bad for diabetics?

Fruits can be large containers of fibers, but they do not have to be beneficial for diabetics. If we count the amounts of fiber that we provide and not the amount of sugar in them, surely we find beneficial. But it should not only be valued that. It is true that the fact of containing sugars does not mean that you cannot consume fruits or that we have to eliminate them from our diet. What we do have to take into account are what fruits are bad for diabetics to try to reduce their intake to the maximum.

Bananas and Melons

As it is two fruits with bone, as can be also nectarines or peaches, bananas and melons are two types of fruit to avoid during diabetes. The fact of having bone is not a determining factor. But the fruits with these properties usually contain high levels of sugar. Which makes them expendable elements in a diabetic’s diet.

Fruit Shakes

Although it is not a fruit itself, fruit smoothies must be removed from your diet. When preparing a milkshake with fruits, they are usually squeezed or passed through the blender. The consequence? The loss of the fiber they contain. And if we add that their carbohydrate and sugar indices do not fall, they make them an ideal beverage to increase blood glucose levels.

Dried fruit

Although they look like treats, have a good taste and eat fast, are one of those bad fruits for diabetics. The consumption of dried fruit lacks the essential nutrients that natural fruit does have. Lack of water and fiber does not make them lack of carbohydrates. This is why its consumption will increase the blood sugar levels of the organism.

Orange juice

This classic breakfast, especially in winter, has to be checked if we are diabetic. When you wonder what fruits are bad for diabetics, orange juices can become one of these. The high vitamin C content of orange juices is not a sufficient benefit to combat sugar levels generated by fructose. Moreover, the lack of fiber and proteins make this drink somewhat inadvisable during diabetes.

Canned fruit

Probably canned fruit is one of those types of fruit that are bad for diabetics that we all know. However, if there is someone who did not know it, canned fruit is one of the most dangerous variants for people with diabetes. The fact of being a canned food makes that among its properties contains elements responsible for performing this function. Including sugar syrup. As a result, the sugar levels of this meal are higher and would end up altering blood levels in the body. SugarTo the list of fruits that are bad for diabetics we can add other variants beyond the melon or the banana. The motive? The same.

The absence of essential nutrients such as proteins or fiber and excess carbohydrates and sugars. This leads to an excessive increase in blood sugar levels.

Among the fruits that should be avoided in the diet of a diabetic are also:-Mango-Chirimoyas-raisins-grape-pineapple-Papaya Now that you know what fruits are bad for diabetics and why you should avoid them. The other fruits are not forbidden for diabetics. But you have to be aware with a consumption measured and controlled by your doctor or dietitian. It does not have to pose any type of health hazard.

There are some fruits that diabetics can eat, like apples, pears, blueberries or other types of berries that contain less amounts of sugar, so they become healthier for the organism. What we have to take into account is that all the fruit that we consume if we are diabetics must be natural.


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