8 foods not to be eaten by diabetics

Today we bring you a list of the 8 foods that we should not take if we have diabetes, but, as we always say, with good control there is nothing impossible! Diabetes carries a series of changes in our day to day that, until then, we were not able to take into account. Among them, a more severe control of food. When it comes to following a diet, it must incorporate the necessary macronutrients for the organism to carry out its functions: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The latter are what we have to keep in mind. Carbohydrate-rich foods have the most effect on sugar and, therefore, those that help to produce blood glucose increases. Although we have to limit their consumption, there are certain foods that it is advisable to eliminate so that they do not affect our organism. If you are wondering "what foods should not be eaten when you have diabetes?", from QUO Health we give you the answer in this article. Find out what a diabetic can't eat and get out of the question.

What can't a diabetic eat to control his sugar?

Keeping blood sugar levels stable is our goal when we are diabetic. Measuring very well and taking control of what foods I should not eat if I have diabetes, is going to allow us not to suffer any mistimes. There are several foods that cannot be consumed by diabetics, but the most important and those that are to be avoided at all costs are the following.

Sweetened drinks

Coca-Cola, Fanta, or any type of sweetened beverage must be completely eliminated. Among the foods that a diabetic cannot eat, this is one of them. Diabetics need to be under control and know what type of carbohydrates exist and how they can affect our diabetes. Sugar drinks not only have a high carbohydrate content that affects blood sugar levels, but the fact of containing fructose directly affects the obesity and the body's resistance to insulin.

Pasta and Rice


Pasta and rice (with the exception of the integral) are processed foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates. The problem with these foods is not only that they increase the levels of sugar, but that without fiber, it slows down even more the absorption of glucose. So the problem multiplies.

Flavors yogurts

Yogurts with flavors, especially fruit yoghurts, may be low in fat, but they are rich in sugar. In that question of what foods I can't eat if I have diabetes, yogurts with flavors are one of them because they're going to increase the body's sugar levels.


One of the worst supplements for your breakfasts are cereals. Cereals are one of those foods that cannot be eaten by diabetics because they are processed and their hydrate levels are very high. Avoiding cereals at breakfast is not only going to allow us to keep blood sugar levels stable, but also to help control the appetite.

Prepared coffee

Coffee from cafeterias or the already prepared in supermarkets are not good allies for diabetes. This type of coffee contains high levels of liquid carbohydrates, which results in increased blood glucose. In addition, this type of beverage will not satisfy our appetite.

Dried fruit

Depending on the type of fresh fruit it is, it can already be a food that cannot be eaten by diabetics. In the case of dried fruit, any type should be avoided. The dried fruit can contain more than three times the carbohydrates of a piece of natural fruit, so it is necessary to say nothing more about these. If we want to maintain the correct blood sugar levels, we will say goodbye to this type of fruit.

Packed snacks

Salted crackers, rosquilletass, or any other type of snack is usually composed of refined flour. Resorting to this food as part of our diet is not recommended in diabetics. Not just because it will increase the blood sugar, but because it'll do it in a fast and uncontrolled way.


Another food that should not be eaten by a diabetic. Frying potatoes in unhealthy oils is already a health risk. And we could end up developing heart disease. In addition to this problem, diabetics have to add the component of the increase in blood glucose. The high level of carbohydrates in this food will cause the sugar to fire. Chips Now you know a series of foods that are not able to eat diabetics. Take note and don't jeopardize your health.

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