Diabetes and cycling

On diabetes and cycling, let’s talk about an example of overcoming the bike, an example for the rest of diabetics and a demonstration that diabetes is not a limit to continue with our goals.

Cycling is a sport of resistance, which led to competitions tests our bodies. For diabetics, this is at times a frustration, because our body does not work the same way as the rest. Therefore you always have to put an eye on the handling of it to be able to perform as much as possible.

On the bike

In this case we have a young man who has been practicing biking all his life. This guy is called Adrián Soriano has type 1 diabetes and resides in Puebla de Castro in the province of Huesca, is 19 years old and works in his village.

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A young man who started participating in the clubs schools in the area where he lives, which already lets see that his interest in this sport goes beyond a weekend to go for a ride with the bike. And where he came to get good results in his community. When you’re growing up, you start practicing a sport on a regular basis and you see that things come out, inevitably end up enganchándote to it and devote more time because it is something that gives you joy and motivates you.

And it is all of the above what he did that later came to compete with the Aragonese selection in championships nationwide.

For him to happen to be diabetic has not been a big problem, it is more you could say that it has not been. According to him, the news left something “Chafado” at first, but this is understandable and has happened to all of us who have diabetes, but as he says, with effort and desire you can do what you propose and lead a normal life.


As we discussed at the beginning, on the bike if you are diabetic you must take some precautions. We’re talking about episodes of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Adrian, like many other diabetics, control it by eating something in the case of hypoglycemia, which is controlled in a simple way. And in the case of hyperglycemia the solution is to stop. It should be said that it should not be forced or put at risk of being destocked in case of emergency because we could faint or even finish worse.

According to Adrian, doing sports is a practice that has helped him to maintain glucose levels and to bring the disease well. Adrian consumes all kinds of food, but says to take a large control in quantities and avoiding sweet foods. Although when exercising if you bring sweet foods or rich in carbohydrates to overcome episodes of hypoglycemia.

We through our blog, want to inform and support healthy practices as a good diet, a good lifestyle that is wrap to the practice of a sport accompanied by the follow up of a doctor whenever needed.

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