Diabetes and medicinal plants.

Condemned a herbalist for the death of a minor with type 1 diabetes in his charge.

From The UNITED STATES, we get the fateful news about the death of a minor linked to treatment with medicinal plants. In this case the herbalist in question, tried to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes with plants. Indeed, the herbalist named Timothy Morrow, lacked license and training in this area.

Following the investigation, forensic doctors have concluded that the child could have been saved with insulin treatment. This case, being extreme, has generated doubts about the use of this type of Naturopathic medicine.

How diabetes is handled by herbalists experts.

Naturopathic medicine, a mixture of years of antiquity of natural medicine of non-toxic treatments with advanced studies of conventional medicine. The treatment provided is personalized, specifically to each patient depending on your case.

The scenarios vary according to your state of diabetes, according to Dr. Mora Morstein, Arizona naturopathic physician. Also, creator of the book “Master Your Diabetes: A Comprehensive, integrate approach for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.”

Some professionals specialize only in one type, and can consider a number of issues to know each case. Questions like, are you type 1 or type 2? Have you developed any type of gestational diabetes? How long have you been diabetic?

A series of analyses Will Be Made to establish the starting point of the patient and its deficiencies. In This case we have cholesterol levels, liver and renal function, anemia detection and all blood sugar levels. Dr Morstein adds that it would include vitamin D tests, cardiovascular disease risks, thyroid…

After the analysis, the doctor will determine which are the most vulnerable and potential risk factors.

According To the Institute for Natural Medicine, a neurotic medicine treatment focused on diabetes, consists of a mixture of the following:

  • Review of the patient’s diet.
  • Blood sugar Check.
  • Guided Diet to keep blood sugar levels.
  • Thorough Review of other organisms possibly affected by diabetes (heart, kidney, liver, or brain)
  • Follow-Up of lifestyle and improvement.
  • Preventive Strategies to prevent progression and worsening of the disease.
  • Herbs and nutritional supplements to alleviate nutritional deficiencies and improve blood sugar management.

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What herbs to take for diabetes, when and how.

Evidence from studies and effects is limited, but the following herbs and remedies have been shown to be effective in treating type 2 diabetes:

  • Curcuma: boosts blood sugar control and starts diabetes. In a 9-month study of 240 adults with pre-diabetes, those who took on their own Curcuma avoided the development of their diabetes.
  • Ginseng: Both Asian and American, can help eliminate blood sugar.
  • Fenugreek: is another blood sugar controller tested on people and animals.
  • Psyllium: Vegetable fiber also historically used to alleviate diabetes by helping to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Cinnamon: Numerous studies show that half a tablespoon of cinnamon a day results in an improvement in terms of sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • Aloe Vera: Your juice helps to reduce blood sugar, used in the Middle East to alleviate diabetes.

As Herbal Medicine and supplements help type 1 diabetes.

For Type 1 diabetes, the naturopathic objective is generally To reduce the required amount of insulin by maintaining the best possible level of health in the patient. Paying attention to the cardiovascular system. They Usually focus on monitoring blood sugar control, diet monitoring, physical exercise, and stress reduction.

Maintaining a balanced body weight, eating in small portions or limiting refined sugars. In Addition to eating foods rich in omega 3 and without starch (cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, beans or spinach).

For people with type 1 diabetes, some recommended medicinal plants and always accompanied with appropriate medicines, can be:

  • Chromium: Blood sugar regulating element works with insulin to help transport glucose in cells.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: antioxidant, increases glucose uptake in cells and inhibits glycosylation, as well as maintaining ocular health and potentially, preventing and treating diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
  • Coenzyme Q10: An antioxidant that could help maintain cardiovascular health.

So, it’s true that some natural supplements can help us control diabetes with naturopathic medicine. Although currently doctors recommend to follow the control of diabetes with more current methods as they control in a more “accurate” diabetes.