Diabetes in Mexico

Diabetes in Mexico is unlike other countries, a problem that causes great concern. And is that Mexico has a number of factors that make it a country much more vulnerable to diabetes than China itself. Which is ranked number one in countries with more diabetics.

 That the disease is a problem of first interest and that its severity is considered so high is because of the percentage of the total population of people affected by diabetes.

 Why in Mexico are there more diabetics in proportion?

 The same answer was found by different scientific studies conducted by research centers, which went back to the very ancestors, to find the answer.

 The legacy

A genetic mutation in the DNA of Mexicans makes them more susceptible to diabetes, up to 30% in the mestizo population and 50% in the indigenous population, this was announced by researchers from the Broad Institute of Harvard University and the Technological Institute of Massachusetts.

The diet of the Mexicans, before the arrival of the Spaniards, based on beans and corn, provided the necessary amino acids for the synthesis of proteins.

With the conquest and change in the diet, the genes and tolerance of the bodies to some foods were modified, such as lactose intolerance, a situation that can occur between 40 and 60% of Mexicans. While only 3% of Mexicans could develop gluten intolerance.

 It is known that the Mexican population retains some traits inherited from native peoples, for example, the ability to accumulate fat, which was generated in response to the ancestors had to maintain energy reserves and survive food shortages.

 This capacity is now enhanced thanks to the fact that they lead a sedentary life and consume more food than necessary, which generates obesity and in turn increases the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes.

 Forecasts for the future worry

Héctor Raúl Pérez Gómez, warned that it is estimated that by 2025 up to 15 percent of the adult population in the country will develop diabetes “And by 2030 the figure could increase up to 17 percent, since Mexicans have a high genetic predisposition to develop it “

He indicated that another aspect with a high impact on public health is the percentage of overweight and obesity, which reaches 65 percent of the Mexican population, and which constitute risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases.

Also 50 percent of the amputations of lower extremities that are made in Mexico are related to diabetes and its vascular and infectious complications.

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