Diabetes in the United States

Diabetes in the United States, a global fast food icon, with record obesity rates of 40% in adults, ranks third in the ranking of the most diabetic countries in the world.

Of the more than 327 million American inhabitants, at least 30 million have diabetes, and one in four are unaware of it. In addition, nearly 84 million people suffer from prediabetes, a figure that is increasing and 90% do not know.

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in this country, and its numbers have tripled in prevalence for 20 years. This translates into 1.5 million new cases each year.

Junk food

As we have mentioned above, the United States has record figures in terms of obesity, along with it numerous diseases that derive of all kinds. The triumph in this country of the so-called Junk food, or fast food, has unleashed alongwith sedentary bad habits, a growing wave of what is already known as the epidemic of the 21st century, diabetes.

The answer to why this triumph has been consolidated, it should be clear this among many other factors, to the aggressive advertising that we know is taking place. Advertising in the USA is known worldwide for being very influential due to the limited existence of filters and regulations. So they have been using advertising with younger children with which it is easier to reach a young audience that grows with these customs, thus creating generations of people accustomed to fast food.

Currently the average amount of burger consumption per day per person stands at 3. Its production with high calorie and fat makes this product a very tasty food, making it easier to sell, especially in young people. Another note is that the consumption of these foods increases in young people but decreases as the age progresses.

Cost of diabetes

Speaking of the cost of diabetes to the public coffers of the American state, the number has increased by more than 80 billion, and is currently close to 327 billion. These costs are divided as follows:

  • 30% in patient care at the hospital.
  • 30% prescription medications.
  • 15% in specific material.
  • 15% in medical visits

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