Diabetes in Venezuela


Speaking of numbers, diabetes in Venezuela has a total of 2.5 million of diabetics. Who compared to its total population of 33 million inhabitants 13%. Which represents a 6% increase in 7 years. While people at risk for diabetes have doubled in the last 7 years from 20% to 40%. This sheds very disturbing information.


As time goes on, diabetes in Venezuela is becoming more and more a chimera for those who suffer it. We all know the situation that Venezuela lives as a country, linked to economic issues, some of them in relation to the exploitation of natural resources in the past and present, such as oil. For example, the management that has been carried out by the Government or the Decisions taken by his current leader Nicolas Maduro.

Broadly and without political issues, all of the above has led the country into a state of disorder and chaos. Which causes citizens not to have services or products available to them in a normal way. To meet their primary and secondary needs.

This is due to the great inflation and low self-production in natural resources that makes it impossible for them to reach self-sufficiency. Long lines in markets and street shops are the images that most identify Venezuela today.


Thanks to testimonies of one of our users of the mobile application of gluquo, who have nourished us of first hand information to be able to translate them in this post, we can describe the situation of the photo above. This user comments as after hours of waiting to get just a loaf of bread, they end up investing the whole day in it so that later. On many occasions they do not manage to take anything home.

It says: “Sometimes this is frustrating to the point of conflict between those waiting in line. Many live desperate situations that push them to lose their calm. “


To all that time lost waiting queues have to add the time to go from one place to another to look for products in particular. It is the case of diabetics, they need to go from one pharmacy to another to find insulin for example, since not all pharmacies have it. This means going through 5 or 7 establishments.

In the case of not finding insulin, some have no other to ask them from outside the country. It is here that the costs are expensive for transport and for paying with another currency. Since the bolivar is overvalued in an exaggerated way, reaching almost 100% compared to the dollar.

This has an explanation, as there is only one laboratory currently producing insulin (the fifth most expensive liquid) for a whole country, and it does not give basto.

In health care, the situation is also complicated, and we know that medical centres lack sufficient input with which to treat patients. These are the ones who must eventually bring their own household utensils to treat them. We are talking about gauze, alcohol…


But it is here where we tell you what many quiet, when ordering products from abroad, the military and body that make up the customs services have fallen into corruption, the reasons why they can be several, from personal to orders imposed Etc… But the reality is that this for the person who urgently needs insulin, can be supposed to death in one of the cases. “

We on behalf of the entire team Quohealth, we want to show our support for your situation by giving voice from our blog to what is a reality in Venezuela, so that the rest of the diabetic community know and can turn to help.

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