Diabetes, piercings and tattoos

Diabetes piercings and tattoos, Is It possible?

If you have Diabetes piercings and tattoos, this post may interest you. Having a piercing or a tattoo with diabetes is a decision you have to be very sure of. It should Not be a fad or a whim, because the drawing or hole will remain for life. What happens if you are diabetic? Diabetics can tattoo or make a slope without problems, always following some tips you Want to know more? Read!

Before Launching

The first step before getting a tattoo or piercing is to have very controlled your glycemic indexes. Poor control of sugar increases the risk of infection and poor scarring. Furthermore, choose the area of your body that you are going to pierce or tattoo. For example, it is not advisable to make tattoos where you normally inject insulin (arms, abdomen or thighs) or in areas of the body with low circulation such as ankles or wrists.

Normally, it is very important to choose a study with good professionals and to comply with all hygienic and sanitary measures. But in the case of those of us who are diabetics even more. We Have Less immune response to possible infections and greater sensitivity to an allergic reaction to the pigments.

The day Has come

You have decided, you have the appointment and you’re going to tattoo or make a piercing. It Is important that diabetics inform the tattooist or ringer that we are diabetics and that we come accompanied by a person of confidence in case arose any complication. Furthermore, remember that it is important to ingest carbohydrates before you start the session to avoid hypoglycemia.

Therefore ,before you start, ask how long it will last and don’t forget your meter! And from your favorite app to manage diabetes Check your levels before you start and also if you have any symptoms of lowering sugar because the nerves and the impression can make you dizzy.

Later Care

Once the piercing or tattooing is done we have to extreme care and precautions. Controls the state of the area, if it gets red, hurts or inflamed it may be infected then go to the doctor! It May sound alarmist, but if it is an infection and it takes a long time to control, the risks increase.

During The first month clean your new piercing or tattoo with warm water and neutral soap and use the specific cream that you have recommended to treat the “wound”. If For example you have pierced the tongue or lip, the inconvenience may take away the desire to eat. So be very careful with your blood glucose and continue with your control and routine meals.

The Best recommendation? It Is advisable that before you do a piercing or tattoo the diabetics consult the possibility with our endocrine. Between the two we will assess whether there are risks or even if we can be given a previous antibiotic treatment.

The Symbol of Diabetes

In the world there are many people who are diabetic. Family and friends who want to publicly show their support in the fight against diabetes. How? On your skin, tattooing a blue circle, international symbol of diabetes.

Certainly ,there have also been cases of tattooed syringes to represent both insulin and glucagon. In Addition, to support for the fight against diabetes This system is used many times by people with Diabetes piercings and tattoos. As a result, in case of an emergency anyone who sees the tattoo identifies him as diabetic and knows how to act. Are you diabetic and have tattoos or piercings? Let us know down and share your experience.

Color changing Tattoos

Most noteworthy, known as the DermalAbyss project, developed by MIT and Harvard students, in which they present a new approach to biological sensors. Replacing the traditional ink used by tattoo artists. Changes in this biological sensor are altered by variations in interstitial fluid. They interact with each other and manage to change the tone of this biological material. Among Other discoveries, we have the biological glucose sensor. Which goes through transitions between blue and brown, depending on the blood glucose level.

With all the above, we get the DermalAbyss is a communicator of the internal processes of our body in the form of a tattoo. Which, for fans who have diabetes, Will be an incentive and another reason to get tattooed. Actually, as this is possible, people with diabetes will be able to monitor their glucose levels through the changing colors. Also, according To The news, this ink should be replaced every 6 months. A new breakthrough in science, which will surely ease the lives of many people with diabetes in the not too distant future.

Finally, it is worth noting that it is not yet publicly considered that this project is taking to the street. Hence, it is still in development phase from the official website (https://www.media.mit.edu/projects/d-Abyss/overview/).