Diabetes in summer

Summer comes, and with it holidays, beach, travel and especially heat. It is the high temperatures that lead us to address the issue of diabetes in summer. It is now that they begin to mention the risk groups in the news, but are the diabetics part of those risk groups?

Indeed, yes. Heat causes dehydration, and thus also the increase in blood glucose concentration. This can lead to reaching the point known as hyperosmolar and thereby entering the hospital. Very serious.

Should diabetics change some kind of habit in summer?

It is clear that if the rest of the mortals change habits we logically do too. The first thing is always to stay hydrated constantly, drinking 2 liters of water a day keeps you hydrated. Light and fresh food, you know a good melon/watermelon in summer enters better than ever. Don’t spend more time in the sun and take advantage of shadows in times of heat spikes.

Note that for those athletes who practice sport in summer, isotonic drinks are always advisable as they contain an extra supply of nutrients such as glucose.

Travel arrives and in the case of doing it by road we have to prevent more than ever when we go behind the wheel, so always bring some food by hand that provides us with carbohydrates. Another tip is to bring slightly elevated glucose levels so as not to reach hypoglycemia, much better than skirting it, as we are exposed to a risk.

In the case of trips that involve schedule changes, it is advisable for type 1 diabetics to adjust the hours at which they intend to supply insulin. In addition, advised by the Spanish Diabetes Federation (FEDE), carrying the amount of duplicated or tripled insulin from the origin is almost obligatory, to always be well equipped in case of any problem.

Baggage problems

Be cautious and take your luggage in places where you know that it will be more complicated to get lost or damaged is the smartest option you should take.

When travelling by plane for example, it is common for bags to be misplaced, so it is advisable to hand out the luggage with medicines in different suitcases. It is also advisable not to check in the suitcase where the insulin is taken, and carry it in some package that they allow to carry. This is because the low temperatures of the winery could damage it.

In the case of being in places with high temperatures, we must carry all the material in special refrigerators made for it, which can be found in diabetic associations at cheaper prices, or online.

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