Healthy Christmas tables are possible.

Healthy Christmas tables are possible. The month of December is full of events in which food and drink are the protagonists. And with diabetes, we have to have a little more eye on some occasions… From gluQUO We want to help you at this time you can enjoy with your own and not worry about diabetes.

The expert Eurekilla who has previously written on the blog, brings you some tips to apply at the table with the family. And show you how healthy christmas tables are possible. Above all, these days people with diabetes want to enjoy these parties equally.

And get it without our blood glucose levels are not affected negatively is complicated, but not impossible. The last day of the year Is approaching and the Magi are just around the corner. You can Still take over without having fun! Fine Dish

Healthy Christmas tables Tips

I leave some tips that have served me during these 18 years with diabetes in my backpack:

  • Take Advantage of the morning to make plans with family or friends if possible. For example, go for a walk in the city or the countryside and even stay for sports soon. To be able to prepare the feast of at night and get good blood glucose controls.
  • The time to put the insulin on. How Many times we have spent being in range before lunch or dinner. We inject the insulin and we end up suffering from hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia before we go to sleep. And It is that, when events of this kind are held, the hours are lengthened and it is not useful to calculate everything previously.

Tip: Wait to take the carbohydrates at once and go eating other snacks such as seafood or anyone containing protein. Also, vegetable broths (such as Galician broth) or salads are also a good idea because of their low carbohydrate content. As for the main dishes, the meats and the baked fish with potato garnish are a perfect option and easy to control.

  • Appetizer Trays. If you peck from the trays you are likely to make more mistakes and do not keep an account of what you eat.

TIP: Share in your dish what you want to eat and you will better calculate the carbohydrate rations and therefore, the insulin you need.

  • Typical Christmas Candy. The best ally is oneself. Prepare nougat and homemade candies where you are the one who controls the ingredients. Hence can easily calculate the rations of carbohydrates.

Candy table


Have You tried to prepare the Roscón of Kings? They are Sure to be freaking out, because the taste of something prepared by oneself is valued more. Hence, if you are not a kitchenettes or have no time, try not to abuse, but do not forget that you can eat everything with control.

  • Alcohol with control. Many people like To join the New Year’s Eve dinner with a glass of wine, and to toast when it’s time to start. Try to choose drinks without sugar (better water) and reserve the alcohol for punctual moments of the evening.

Finally, i wish you all a Happy Year 2019 and that the Magi bring you good controls and a lot of happiness! Do Not forget that with gluQUO, spend a quiet Christmas is possible. And More with the 30% discount we are offering in the annual subscription!.

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